Absinthe and Lace Champagne Supper Club…

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Absinthe and Lace Champagne Supper Club, the words are decadent and lavish, conjuring images of indulgent times long past, as soon as we’d read them, Lady Metal and I knew it was just the thing for us. We were promised an evening evoking the glamour of yesteryear, a sumptuous three course dinner and a full theatre show of cabaret, vaudeville and tasteful burlesque. We were not disappointed.

We dressed in our finest gowns, styled our hair (whilst trying to channel our inner vintage goddesses) and prepared to time travel.

IMG_20140831_101039 (1)
My best silver screen esque pose. Lady Sky.
Experimenting with a vintage look. Lady Sky.

We arrived at the Pavilion Arts Centre Buxton to be met by a sumptuous scene; everyone had made such an effort with their attire and were styled in their favourite period clothes and accessories. We ordered champagne and made our way into the reception for welcome drinks.

They’d even rolled out the red carpet.


In the foyer bar we browsed fabulous bespoke jewellery from Rock my Rock (www.facebook.com/RockMyRock ) and salivated over the incredible Artisan chocolate creations from Elcocoa









Stepping through to the theatre we found ourselves seated at a candle lit table with a perfect view of the stage area, huge candelabras bedecked with crystal pendants glittered and rich swags of fabric, festooned the stage, our champagne poured we sat back and listened to live music from the Debonaires, an eight piece jump, jive, swing band.

Our host for the evening was Mrs Marjorie Hawkins, a razor witted dear who kept everyone in line, introduced the performances and all with a twinkle in her eye.

As we feasted on Broccoli & Stilton soup, Medallions of pork, on a bed of mash, with a brandy & apple sauce plus seasonal vegetables and a millionaires cheesecake with chocolate sauce, we were entertained and awed.

We were enchanted by the grace and poise of Talulah Blue  and her classic burlesque routines.

Katie Stewart, a local singer entertained us with her rich soulful voice.

Vaudevillian and music hall legend Vicky Butterfly left us breathless with her performance and envious of her intricate and decadent costumes.

Vicky Butterfly – Pictures, Mo El-Faith


Florian Brooks had us gasping in wonder and completely enraptured, with his act of juggling and manipulation, he was like lightening.

Florian Brooks – Pictures, Mo El-Fatih

Aerial dance performer Scarlet Butterfly left us in awe with her routine which included a tremendous and tasteful performance upon a pole.

Scarlet Butterfly – Pictures, Mo El- Fatih

And what night of vintage vaudevillian cabaret would be complete without an illusionist? Oliver Tabor  an award winning practitioner of magic kept us spellbound with his act and his adorable doves.

Oliver Tabor – Picture Mo El-Fatih
A gratuitous picture of the Millionaire Cheesecake.

But all too soon the evening was over and we had to leave our glamorous time capsule and return to the here and now…………. But we’ll be back at the Absinthe and Lace Champagne Supper club just as soon as we can.

Thanks to Lady Absinthe for organising such an elaborate and bewitching evening; and to Mo El-Fatih  for kindly allowing us to use some of his photographs.

  • Ladies Sky & Metal
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