An Evening of Burlesque – Naughty has never been so Nice

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2016_10_09_an_eveing_of_burlesque_main_l_573eceb966ef7Leave your inhibitions at the door and prepare to experience the UK’s biggest burlesque extravaganza.

The night starts with the sultry redhead interacting with the audience, singling out a few with a witty quip that got the audience laughing from the start.

The first act was the delightful Folly Mixtures comprising of Angie Sylvia, Storm Hooper, Ella Boo and Miss Oh La Lou, who treated us to the first striptease of the night, the four ladies then went on to do spectacular solo acts which included fire, hula hoops, tap shoes and ostrich feathers. The hula-hoops were my personal favourite.

Mixed in between the fabulous acts was a brilliant magician Christian Lee, whose audience participation and dead pan humour had the audience in equal measures of awe and laughter.

We also had an escapologist Matt Pang, who was attempting to get out of a straight jacket whilst on a high unicycle, again audience participation featured heavily and was needed as it was quite long winded.

My favourite act was a very clever quick change routine in which a lady started out in her silky robe, danced around to the back of a screen then emerged seconds later wearing a new outfit. She did this a number of times with very intricate clothing, leaving the audience wondering how she was doing it. At the end of the routine she emerged from behind the screen along with her twin to the surprise of the audience.

The finale was typical Vegas style Burlesque complete with a giant martini glass filled with water and bubbles. Isabella Bliss gave a well-performed striptease before immersing herself in the martini glass and sponging herself down and splashing about.

The whole performance was an amazing variety of eclectic performers and I was entertained from start to finish.

Would the ladies recommend An Evening of Burlesque………definitely.


Reviewed at the BUXTON OPERA HOUSE.

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