Chapter 9: Boomtown 2017 Preview

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For the mother of all music festivals (and you thought it was Glastonbury) Boomtown has announced most (not all) of its lineup. What pleasures are in store for this dynamic, theatrical, playful, and inspiring music festival for Chapter 9 this year? Check out all the line-up posters and official trailer to uncover what is behind the mask…

The Ladies imbibed on this lush music festival last year and are super excited to see what unfolds at the festival this year. What does Boomtown have that other music festivals don’t have?

Well of course it has loads of music and loads of fun things to do like other festivals, but it has a story that unfolds each year, an immersive theatre element amidst about ten different districts which are brimming with theme-park sized sets brimming with secret entrances, rooms filled with music and lots of pleasant surprises.

Truly more than just the music, Boomtown is an experience like no other. For the meantime, take a look at what the music line-up this year and if M.I.A isn’t enough to tempt you to buy tickets then I am quite excited to let you know we have some exciting articles coming up about the immersive theatrical experience and some artist interviews to wet your whistle.

One of my favourite places at Boomtown was Whistlers Green! Speakers Corner was an utter success with diverse and interesting talks and the whole energy of this district was super fun. Might fully immerse myself in this district this year and get massages, have my astrology cards read, do a bit of yoga, hang out by the gorgeous fire pit and enjoy the sweet tunes at The Windmill.

Loved the psychedelic forest with its illuminated butterflies and ethereal trance music. A magical place to get lost on an adventure.


Tickets available from

Tier 1 – £155.00 Sold Out

Tier 2 – £170.00 Sold Out
Tier 3 – £195.00 Buy here

Teen Tickets – £155.00

12s and under – FREE

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