Marrakesh At Sunrise

I hadn’t really decided what I wanted to do for my birthday. It was one of those ‘milestones’ that often fill people with dread (the big 4-0 I believe they call it, in hushed tones) but I am a perennial optimist about each decade that steps forward.

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LTO Photo Shoot – Throwley Hall

The ladies had a photo shoot at the stunning ruins of Throwley Hall last autumn. Nothing quite like enjoying an autumnal day in the shire amidst the ruins…

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Sunshine & Scarves in The Shire

It’s autumn here in The Shire. The trees are bathed in a blaze of rich colours, deep reds, glittering yellows, burnished browns, a veritable treasure chest of nature’s jewels, in the canopy above our heads. Continue reading “Sunshine & Scarves in The Shire”

Three Shires, Four Ladies and a Picnic Basket

Friday, September 5th would have been the day I commenced the hustle and bustle known as the Toronto International Film Festival in my old life with the entertainment industry in North America. For the first time since I started my adventure in Derbyshire I have had pangs of missing those red carpet premieres, movie-binging and starstruck moments, that was until the Ladies Take On three shires, four cheeses from said shires, a picnic basket and Boots the dog on that very same day.

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