Circus of Horrors…. At the Buxton Opera House.

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The west end smash is back to mark its 20th Anniversary in grusome style.

The Concept:
Circus of Horrors – The night of the zombies, is set in 2020. A decrepit corpse ridden London plagued by zombies, a city ruled by the undead and climaxing in an awesome flaming apocolypse.
Grand Opera House York 2010
From the minute you took your seat, the scene was set, tv screens on the stage showing gruesome adverts whilst heavy metal music played. A voice blasted out telling us the show would begin in three blood curdling minutes and any sissys or chavs should leave now.
The lights dimmed, the halloween theme began and the Circus of Horrors came to life..
Dr Haze
The Successes:
Dr Haze & The Interceptors from Hell, sword swallower, acrobatic tribal warriors, trapeze artist, fire eater and even a dwarf dangling a weight from his crown jewels, this circus had its fair share of freaks and we were only in the first half, the great thing was it was all done as a musical rather than just a variety show, i couldnt really follow the story but i really dont think this took anything away from it.
Firework sword swallower.
The second half seemed to ramp it up even more with 4 or 5 different acts on the stage in one go with the ringmaster singing an original rock song, so much going on you didnt know where to look first, moving on to zombie sisters doing some amazing ariel tricks with one even spinning round dangling by her teeth.
The Sinister Sisters.
Lots of humour and innuendo were injected throughout the show thanks to Camp Dracula and his dwarf friend who even managed to open a beer bottle with his eye socket, and after his hoover trick i will never look at a Henry in the same way.
Camp Dracular with the Sinister Sisters.
The finale was a fire frenzy with fire breathers, hula hoops and even fire limbo, but the piece de resistance was a lady spinning round in the air by her hair with fire works attached making herself into a human catherine wheel.
Anastasia. Hanging by her hair.
Final Thoughts:
Although the songs were a little hard to understand and the story hard to follow i was throughly entertained from start to finish and would most defiently recommened it to anyone and sincerly hope the circus comes to town again very soon.
This production played at The Buxton Opera House on Saturday January 17th, for other dates see TheCircus of Horrors
  –  Lady Metal x


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