Disney Delights, Happy Halloween.

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Disney, the vary name conjures up magical memories from childhood (adulthood too, who am I kidding) the villains, heroes, adventures, charming princes, wicked queens, entertaining & helpful creatures, wit & wisdom and a few tears as well. Disney has it all. Including themed resort parks.

Walt Disney opened his first; Disneyland, in 1955 in Anaheim, California. The second, Walt Disney World, in 1971, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, with the Magic Kingdom.

Resorts in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai followed. Despite there being six to choose from, until recently I’d never experienced that Disney Magic first hand.

So when I was told about Mickeys, not so scary Halloween Party, I jumped at the chance to attend.

When the ticket desk heard it was my first visit, they marked me out as a newbie.


Which worked out well when we headed for a refuelling stop, on hearing it was my first visit to Disney, I was inundated with treats. Cake, cookies, all manner of sugary goodness.

First timer freebies.

The main focus is of course Cinderella’s Castle (fun fact, different parks have different castles, Sleeping Beauty has the castle at Disney Land)


With it being Halloween, the usual parade of characters had a not so scary, spooky twist.


As dusk fell we gathered in excited anticipation………

Getting into the spirit of things.

The parade……..



Heros and Villians, well it is Halloween.



I wont lie, I found this float the scariest!

And what Halloween experience would be complete without trick or treating?! Though being Disney, it was all treats, located around the park were treat stops, they were practically forcing goodies into our hands, especially when they spotted my ‘first visit’ badge.


It turns out Disney really is made of sugar and spice and all things nice……..


  • Lady Sky


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