“Down The Rabbit Hole”- Richmond Tea Rooms – Manchester

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Lady Sky and Lady wordsmith decided to jump down the rabbit hole and visit the Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester for Lady Sky’s birthday recently. Alice in Wonderland themed, this treat of treats had us giddy for hours and that wasn’t just the bubbly…





IMG_2959Lady Wordsmith kidnapped Lady Wordsmith for her birthday surprise with only the instruction that we would be taking a train in to Manchester from the Shire. What a pleasant surprise it was for Lady Wordsmith to descend down a dark side alley closely located to Piccadilly Station and discover that the rabbit hole opened up to a confection of Alice like wonderment. The Richmond Tea Rooms is both quaint and chaotic, charming and childlike, sophisticated and silly. Grown ups can be youths attending a tea party with a mad hatter and some rather divine confections.


Taking a little gander around and we were struck by the details that made tea with the Mad Hatter at the Richmond Tea Rooms so fantastic. The bustled red silk draping and chandelier, the plush seating, indoor gardens, mismatched china, to name but a few.

Finally seated and eagerly in anticipation of what afternoon tea we would have, the choices seemed too numerous. Along with an extensive menu and variety of desserts, you are also able to pick a Queen’s Tea, Alice Tea, Mad Hatter’s Tea, and Richmond Tea. Even a cheeky Gentleman’s Tea with a pint of beer, sausage roll, fish chips and peas, eccles cake and scotch egg sounded both hearty and delicious! We loved the sound of the Mad Hatter’s Tea but wanted to push out the boat for the special occasion and so indulged in the Richmond Tea…

“Large Scone with Clotted Cream & Tip Tree Jam Selection of four small delicious cakes and pastries Four finger sandwiches- Vegetarian or Meat option Freshly brewed Leaf Tea or Coffee A glass of Champagne”

Yes, you are correct…it was the champers that put that option in the lead.

So without further ado we ordered our Richmond Afternoon Tea which came out quickly, fresh, delicious and with an outstanding pot of tea to accompany it.

Gregarious food shots are a necessity…

The before and after. Obviously eating it shrunk us, much like Alice, and we ended up with petite and pleasant figures and this divine jellied confection.

Service was fantastic. Our waiter was named Manuel! Manuel! Which had me in fits of Fawlty Tower giggles every time I called him over.

Tea prices ranged from the Alice Tea at 6.50 up to the Richmond Afternoon Tea at 23.50. I felt the Richmond Tea Rooms gave a full range of pricing and variety of meals that you could make the experience a big treat or a little treat. You could even go in for a cake and a cuppa. I would recommend booking as the place was bustling with people.

This is definitely a Ladies Take On establishment and we were thrilled to jump down the rabbit hole and find this place at the end of it. The Ladies would recommend the Richmond Tea Rooms to any lady and her gent!

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