HARRY POTTER TOUR Pt.1 – The Story Begins

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We were like a couple of first year students at Hogwarts. We left our muggle personas at the door and followed the journey from the cupboard under the stairs to Diagon Alley, the Great Hall, the Knight Bus, visited Hagrid, took a potions class with Professor Severus, hung out for some time on the new Platform 9 3/4s, and entered into the magical and mystical world of Harry Potter with the Harry Potter Tour just outside London. The Ladies took on the Harry Potter Tour and our experience is now your experience. We welcome you to join us on one of the most magical adventures we have been on yet!

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The tour cost a little over thirty pounds and well worth the cost. We could have easily spent all day ‘pottering’ around the tour. We stayed over in Watford (a short train journey outside of London) for a reasonable price and after a hearty English breakfast we were Warner Studios bound. A tour bus specifically for the HP Tour can pick you up from the train station and directly in front of the studios door. When we arrived early (eager with anticipation!) we had enough time to browse the gift shop before commencing the actual tour.

IMG_4768In a series of posts (as the tour was simply too much to condense down into one article) we will be exploring the Harry Potter Tour in great delight and letting you know all the scrumptious things you can expect along the way. Overall, we loved the adventure and would recommend a journey to Hogwarts any day of the year!

Front entrance to the Making of Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios Tour!
A little lad in wonderment over the chess pieces outside the studios from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
Wands and more wands in the gift shop
Something for everyone. Loads of lovely sections in the gift shop. This one is for all the fans of the Maurauders Map
A lovely confection for your bedside table? No?
In the front entrance of the studios the walls are covered with characters from the world of Harry Potter. Had to take a picture of my favourite character, Bellatrix Lastrange. The woman has such a sassy look on her face…or is that just crazy. šŸ˜‰
J.K Rowling is a hero of mine. She is a miracle worker, making the real magic of Harry Potter the way into millions of children’s imaginations and inspiring them to read.

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And there it was, the cupboard under the stairs where Harry spent most of his life before Hogwarts, being an orphan and serving the Dingles. All of a sudden the whole story seemed very real.
Lady Sky visiting Privet Drive while Lady Tiger Lily takes a picture of the moment.


Lady Tiger Lily and Lady Sky at the ready to enter the Great Hall.




And here we go! The Great Hall! Stay tuned to our next post all about the Great Hall and what you can hope to see there on the Making of Harry Potter Warner Studios Tour….
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