Harry Potter Tour Pt. 9 – The Best Part of the Tour is…

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IMG_5052One of the most exciting surprises of the Warner Studios Harry Potter Tour, and one of best parts of the tour, was Hogwarts itself….

Set in a large room the ‘miniature’ of Hogwarts that helped to create all those stunning external shots was actually enormous. The detail was spectacular – including rooms that were lit up inside of Hogwarts! Some videos placed around the miniature allowed us to see how the miniature was used with CGI to show some incredible shots swooping in on the iconic building.

Another dashing detail that added to the atmosphere of the structure was that the lighting would get darker every couple of minutes taking us from day to night and showing Hogwarts in all its glory in both daylight hours and night time hours alike. This feature comes at the end of the tour and is a real scene stealer, leaving fans emboldened with enthusiasm to read all the books again and then watch all the movies again.














This is my final post on the tour, so some parting thoughts are appropriate. This tour is truly worth the cost and their was so much more on the tour I couldn’t fit into the nine articles! Little details everywhere your eyes could feast on! Us ladies were filled with wonderment, magic and our child-like imaginations flourished in such spaces like the great hall and platform 9 3/4s. How could it not? Everywhere we looked, we saw visitors from all around the world, of all ages and sizes that positively glowed with wide-eyed joy at seeing the world of Harry Potter come to life!

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