Having a magical time……..

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On a recent flying visit to Orlando, Florida I couldn’t resist visiting Universal studios. As a huge Harry Potter fan I was immediately enchanted (probably some half cast confundus charm, from a mishandled wand in Ollivanders) I feasted on chocolate frogs, every flavour beans and finished off with a butter beer. However take my advice, don’t indulge in all that before you alight the rides! After a morning of magic I stepped from one fantasy to another, In Islands of Adventure I was immersed into an interactive comic book world, more exhilarating thrill rides, street entertainers and characters straight from the movie screens.

Ticket in hand….. So excited……

It’s the Hogwarts Express!!

Delicious, Butterbeer.

The Universal globe.
Jurassic Park, one of the movie themed areas.
The Hulk roller coaster.

The fun didn’t end there, as my hotel was opposite the Orlando convention centre, it had an excellent view of International drive and of all the delegates coming and going.

A 10 minute stroll along the road found me confronted by an upturned house! Fear not, it’s not the work of a vicious storm but the home of Wonderworks, an entertainment and amusement centre, perfect for a rainy day, or to simply enjoy some aircon.

The evening was spent at Pointe Orlando where I shopped until I dropped before indulging in an excellent burger and a large glass of wine.

  • Lady Sky
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