Ladies Love Vinyl

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A 70s inspired photo shoot at Coda Vinyl Cafe!

The ladies had an outstanding 1970s themed photo shoot at one of the most delicious cafes that has recently opened up in the shire. The Coda Vinyl Cafe is a lush and lovely home to exquisite confections, robust caffine-ations and a virtual cornucopia of vinyls.

That’s right! Vinyl is making a comeback! Once thought a dinosaur of the music era, far to slow to keep up with it’s sexy successors of CDs and then ipods and now we simply download music we wish to hear. And yet, there is something particularly nostalgic and filled with character that just can’t be replicated with anything else other than a vinyl.

So the ladies set to at Coda Vinyl Cafe in search of some of their favourite music on vinyl.

Decisions were tough with so much selection.

Inspired by our 1970s inspired outfits, we did enjoy a lot of 70s music references, and frankly I wouldn’t let go of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, but also ended up purchasing a copy for myself,out of sheer love (FM is my security blanket. Also, Stevie Nicks is an ethereal spectre).

but Lady Sky had different ideas of what her vinyl should be and found a Nirvana album to dive in to.

Whereas Lady Metal felt a taste of nostalgia towards David Bowie and the Beatles but simply couldn’t decide on which album she adored more.

Lady Tiger Lily decided a mad hatter’s theme was in order and selected three albums that referenced jumping down the rabbit hole. This made her ponder wonderland….

Lady Convivial enjoyed a little Dusty Springfield and frankly, we all approved.

Once all our vinyl was lovingly picked we realized this was thirsty and hungry work so we introduced ourselves to fabulous Coda Vinyl Cafe owner – Barbara – and delighted in her lush selection of homemade cakes….

The cakes were scrumptious and we all tried something different. We even shared with each other (which is very unlike us). We laughed and laughed, and solved world problems….as women do when they get together.

At the end of the day music, good food, brews and a chat bond us in a way that few things can. It lightens our hearts and makes us happy. Now who could want anything more then that?

We had an outstanding day at Coda Vinyl Cafe and enjoyed the 70s inspired photo shoot immensely with the professional team from RD Photography. We hope you enjoy the same experience we had at the Coda Vinyl Cafe when you go. Tell us all about it! We want to hear from our readers!

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