Our first Kiss………

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Everyone remembers their first kiss! I’ll certainly never forget mine, the build-up, the excitement, exhilaration, nervousness (what do I do? What if I do it wrong?) But before I could back out, it was upon me, whilst my nerve held, I closed my eyes, puckered my lips and leaned in……. The moment my warm lips touched the cold unyielding blarney stone, I knew I’d been imbibed with the gift of eloquence, or so the legends say.

Lady Metal and I took a trip to Cork in Ireland and whilst there couldn’t resist visiting beautiful blarney castle and joining in with the traditional stone kissing. We set off from a chilly England for the short flight across to the emerald isle, only to be greeted with warm sunshine (the luck of the Irish I suppose)

Blarney Castle was home to Cormac MacCarthy, who built it over 600 years ago, the blarney stone is reputed to be part of the Stone of Scone, used in the coronations of Scottish monarchs.  Legend has it that Robert the Bruce gave half of the Stone of Scone to McCarthy in gratitude for assistance at battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

The aircraft seemed very small!

Like stepping into a fairytale.

The now ruined castle and its grounds are spectacular, straight out of a fairy story, as we climbed up to the ramparts our imaginations were captured, the views from the small windows were magical and graffiti left by previous visitors, some from centuries ago gave insight into the castles long standing allure.

Historical graffiti.

Kissing the blarney stone is not easy, nor dignified! You have to lie upon your back with your shoulders overhanging a huge hole in the fortifications, you throw your arms back to grasp a guide rail and with the aid of a charming old Irish rogue, you lean back and down into the abyss.  That’s right; you kiss the stone, upside down! I don’t know about giving people the gift of eloquence, the act seemed to strike most people mute.

To late to back out now…….
My first kiss………….
The kiss from below…….

After our dramatic encounter with the stone, we explored the grounds, firstly the poison garden. Who would have thought so many beautiful blooms and vibrant vegetation could be so dangerous? The castle grounds contain various areas, the rock terrace has several follies, magic circles, alters, wishing steps, witches kitchen to name but a few, of course we left an offering at the witches head and made our own wishes.

The witches kitchen.

Make an offering and wish on the Witches stone
In for a penny, as they say…..

We loved our little adventure and hope to return soon. If you’ve any suggestions for trips or adventures for the ladies, we’d love to hear from you.

–  Lady Sky & Lady Metal

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