Ladies History Lesson

DSC01835What is Ladies Take On?

A lifestyle magazine online at that covers arts, entertainment, travel, food, shopping, adventure and “the shire” as we lovingly call Buxton and the surrounding area.

What do the Ladies Take On?

The world…one fine afternoon at a time.

Who are the Ladies?

Lady Wordsmith and Lady Sky collaborated on this genius endeavor. Both Ladies (obviously) -one with experience in the entertainment industry and the other experienced in adventure, this dynamic duo partnered to share their stories, pictures and lifestyle with the world. Lady TigerLilly and Lady Metal are contributing Ladies to the publication who are elegant, vivacious and full of exuberance. Most of all, the Ladies are all close friends who want to share in adventures together. Check out our BIOS page!

Where are the Ladies based?

In the shire, where the “Narnia of the North” and Boots the dog are located.

Any of the Ladies have experience taking on the world of publications or entertainment?

Lady Wordsmith worked in the North American entertainment industry for over a decade. She published magazines, produced and hosted television shows. Google her! 😉

Why do we need the Ladies Take On?

Ladies are everywhere around us, it’s a state of mind, as well as a lifestyle choice, although in these busy times it can seem we’ve lost touch our inner Lady, we’re here to celebrate them, to share our northern ladies stories and what they love best, adventure, good food, arts, culture, entertainment, travel and most importantly, our beautiful home here in “the shire”


Statistically speaking…

DSC01770 has over 80,000 unique visitors, accruing over 150,000 visits and 0ver 750,000 pages viewed.

Our demographic is women – and men who support adventurous women – ages 25-55 (we aren’t ageist or sexist though, after all, anyone can enjoy an adventure at any age!).

Much like the ladies, our readers are intelligent, adventurous, socially conscious, bold, playful and even a little frivolous at times. They love to join us in our adventures; whether it be a picnic in the shire, a visit to a secretly hidden destination in the UK or a global adventure. We’ve made fondue together and scaled Ben Nevis. Yes, we are the ladies who take on the world, one fine afternoon at a time!









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