Review: Casting the Runes.

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Casting the Runes, with The Residence at Whitminster, Nunkie Productions, staring Robert Lloyd Parry, at The Pavilion Arts Centre

The Concept

Robert Lloyd Parry performed two of M. R. James’ most chilling works. The evening began with Casting the Runes, a tale about a museum researcher, Edward Dunning, who reviews a paper by the alchemist and occultist Mr Karswell, also known as the Abbot of Lufford. Shortly afterwards he begins seeing the name John Harrington everywhere he goes. A sense of unease sets in and Dunning must find a way to remove the curse. The second and final story, The Residence at Whitminster. A dark shadow is cast over the precinct of a peaceful English church.

The Succeses

On entering the auditorium the scene was already set. On the darkened stage, a small cluttered table, a worn leather wing back chair and a single flickering candle. We, the audience, sat below, looking up in anticipation, like children awaiting a story from a favourite uncle……

As we settled to silence a figure emerged from the gloom, sat down upon the chair, struck a match and lit a small candelabra. As the stage brightened slightly, we saw our narrator. Dressed in a comfortable suit, his glasses perched upon his nose. After pouring himself a small libation from a decanter, he scooped up some loose pages from the floor and began his tales……

Each story was performed passionately and despite the once chilling tales, almost cosy content by modern standards, we were still gripped. So engaging and well delivered, my only disappointment was that the performance ended all too soon.

Casting the Runes was a triumph for Nunkie Productions, I’d recommend you see it if you have a chance.

  • Lady Sky
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