Rocking all over the world.

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Lady Sky has joined in with the world wide phenomenon of Kindness Rocks. 

You may have noticed, when out and about, rocks and pebbles of all shapes and sizes, decorated with inspirational quotes, child like drawings, cartoon characters, or skilled art works. The idea being these Kindness Rocks began in America, as something of a whimsy. However the idea of surprising people with a few words, or a cute image and hopefully brightening their day has resonated globally.

Rock painting is relatively inexpensive pastime and open to all. Such is it’s popularity that local Rocks groups, have sprung up all over.

The Shire Rocks. H P rocks Facebook page.

Here in The Shire, we have just such a group. H P rocks ( High Peak ) that has a Facebook page where enthusiastic rock painters show off their creations and the delighted discoverers, document their finds.

I was given a little painted “Pet Rock” when visiting relatives out on the Canadian prairie, in a little town named Hanna.

Distance between Hanna, Alberta and The Shire.

This was during my own childhood and I remember the delight of finding the rock and being able to bring it over 4000 miles home. I rediscovered this little rock recently and decided it was time to let another discover its smile. I hope to see it posted on the Facebook page soon and am fascinated at the prospect of seeing just how many more miles this little rock may yet travel, Rocking all over the world.

  • Lady Sky


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