My Little Road Trip

As the name Lady Sky suggests, I love to travel and explore, discovering delights both here in the Shire and far beyond. Stepping aboard a plane, train or ship with the prospect of adventure is one of my true pleasures. Continue reading “My Little Road Trip”

Making Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth House

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…. I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic job, I’m a Tour Guide and have the privilege of spending my days in one of Britain’s most beautiful historic houses; Chatsworth House is set in the heart of the Peak District and is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.  This season is especially exciting in my opinion; the Duke and Duchess have an exhibition named ‘Make Yourself Comfortable’ if you hadn’t already guessed by the title, it’s a display of seating. But not just any seating, it’s an unique installation of contemporary seating in a historic setting.

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Three Shires, Four Ladies and a Picnic Basket

Friday, September 5th would have been the day I commenced the hustle and bustle known as the Toronto International Film Festival in my old life with the entertainment industry in North America. For the first time since I started my adventure in Derbyshire I have had pangs of missing those red carpet premieres, movie-binging and starstruck moments, that was until the Ladies Take On three shires, four cheeses from said shires, a picnic basket and Boots the dog on that very same day.

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A walk in the woods……

We’re so lucky living in the shire to be surrounded by such natural beauty and historic grace, it’s no wonder so many film and television productions choose the area for their perfect set location. One fine September day we set off to find ‘Crickley Hall’ the terrifying and oppressing property, that was the lynch pin setting, in a recent BBC adaptation of James Herbert’s ghostly novel, The secret of Crickley Hall. Continue reading “A walk in the woods……”

Our first Kiss………

Everyone remembers their first kiss! I’ll certainly never forget mine, the build-up, the excitement, exhilaration, nervousness (what do I do? What if I do it wrong?) But before I could back out, it was upon me, whilst my nerve held, I closed my eyes, puckered my lips and leaned in……. Continue reading “Our first Kiss………”

Having a magical time……..

On a recent flying visit to Orlando, Florida I couldn’t resist visiting Universal studios. As a huge Harry Potter fan I was immediately enchanted (probably some half cast confundus charm, from a mishandled wand in Ollivanders) I feasted on chocolate frogs, every flavour beans and finished off with a butter beer. However take my advice, don’t indulge in all that before you alight the rides! Continue reading “Having a magical time……..”