The Nicholson Museum & Art Gallery

The Nicholson Museum & Art Gallery In Leek, Staffordshire. Opened in 1884 as a gift to the people from local mill owner Joshua NicholsonContinue reading “The Nicholson Museum & Art Gallery”

Fabulous Farmers Markets…

This morning I found myself strolling through the Pavilion Gardens on route to the Octagon. My objective; the local farmers market. Continue reading “Fabulous Farmers Markets…”

Ladies Take On….1980s Inspired Fondue Night!

We wouldn’t say we are domestic goddesses (well, Lady Sky might say she is) but we are all willing to have a go and have a laugh! We attempted a feat our parents once indulged in regularly – Fondue Nights! We thought we would revive the fondue night and have a little experiment as to how we could make a fondue feast (melted cheese and bread…what is not to love?) that was both edible and entertaining. Learn from our mishaps but also join in our laughter as we done some pinnies and get inspired by 1980s domesticity.

Continue reading “Ladies Take On….1980s Inspired Fondue Night!”

Soup for Supper………

With a decided autumnal nip in the air, it had to be a rich, fresh soup for supper. Butternut squash and other garden staples with indulgent, soft, wholegrain bread and butter. Continue reading “Soup for Supper………”