REVIEW: Buxton Buzz Comedy Night (February)

This is a great way to discover up and coming comedic talent in a casual environment that makes the night truly enjoyable and social.

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Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.

Murder is easy….. Getting away with it is the hard part!!

Set in the Scottish Highlands, the latest thriller by James Cawood comes to life. Continue reading “Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.”

Buxton Wells Dressing, July 2016

The ancient art of Wells dressing is still carried out here in the Shire, towns and villages all over the region dress and bless water sources. The practice is reputed to have originated in the time of the Black Death, when a clean water source was vital. Continue reading “Buxton Wells Dressing, July 2016”

Review: Casting the Runes.


Casting the Runes, with The Residence at Whitminster, Nunkie Productions, staring Robert Lloyd Parry, at The Pavilion Arts CentreContinue reading “Review: Casting the Runes.”

Review: HMS Pinafore, a Concert Performance by Tarantara Productions.


I must confess to only a passing acquaintance with the works of Gilbert & Sullivan. However after last night’s performance that is going to change.

HMS Pinafore (or the Lass that Loved a Sailor) is an international success, first performed on May 25th 1878; its satirical mocking of unqualified persons in positions of authority and the British class system still relevant and fresh today. Continue reading “Review: HMS Pinafore, a Concert Performance by Tarantara Productions.”

Dial M for Murder!


Talking Scarlet present Dial M for Murder, based on the classic stage play by Frederick Knott

Starring Oliver Mellor (Coronation Street), Marcus Hutton (Brookside) and Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks)

Ex-professional tennis player Tony Wendice plans to murder his socialite wife, Margot, who he suspects of having an affair. He thinks he’s arranged the perfect murder when he blackmails a former college acquaintance to do his dirty work for him – but the carefully orchestrated scheme goes awry and he must use all his cunning to cover up his deceit in one of theatre’s most scintillating battle of wits. Continue reading “Dial M for Murder!”

The Buxton Wells Dressing Festival 2015 July 4th – 13th

This year the festival celebrates its 175th anniversary. The festival as we now know it originated in Buxton 1840, The 6th Duke of Devonshire arranged for a fountain to be built as a ready and reliable source of water, a great convenience for the towns people of Higher Buxton, Continue reading “The Buxton Wells Dressing Festival 2015 July 4th – 13th”

Lending a Hand Where We Can…

volunteerphone photoThere’s something I’m going to tell you, something I don’t tell many people. Late on a Sunday night I leave my partner sleeping then tiptoe into my children’s bedrooms, kiss them softly on the forehead then quietly leave the house. I’m only gone for a few hours, when they wake I’m back in bed and the children never know I left the house. You’re probably wondering why? Well it’s because I go somewhere to listen to people in distress, to talk about their problems. I’m a Samaritan.

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