Jewels, cars and ballet for CW Sellers Christmas Wishes at Chatsworth

What more could a Lady want on an autumnal Friday evening than a glass of fizz surrounded by the splendour of the Chatsworth Estate and oodles of jewels? This evening the Ladies Take On ‘CW Sellors Christmas Wishes VIP Preview’ at Chatsworth.

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Plenitude – Afternoon Tea at Edensor Tea Cottage


Tucked away in the Chatsworth estate village of Edensor, the Tea Cottage is a lovely location for an afternoon tea. Parking at the tea room is limited but there is plenty of parking near by, and in a setting as picturesque as Edensor, a little stroll to the cottage is no bad thing.


img_8355With all the right ingredients for a quintessentially English afternoon tea; a selection of crustless finger sandwiches, plenty of delicious cakes, scones (with jam and cream of course) and Yorkshire tea. I particularly enjoyed the thick cut ham with whole grain mustard sandwich and the moist lemon drizzle cake.
img_8272For the price of £13.25 per person, Edensor Tea Cottage offers a delicious afternoon tea, and even a take away box for those cakes you can’t quite finish!

  • Review From Lady Convivial

img_8274I would have to agree on all accounts with Lady Viv, it was a most delightful day spent with the other ladies at Edensor Tea Cottage. We were spoiled with a plenitude of divine sandwiches (egg, ham, smoked salmon, cheese), scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream along with a cornucopia of desserts that were a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

I also particularly liked the sandwiches as we are no wilting violets in this group and tackled the savouries with giddy delight. We had finally met our match in the cakes as I was deliciously over-faced with more confections then my poor stomach would allow. What a struggle to have though? Too many cakes! Marvelous!

img_8354All the ladies attempted to tackle all their allocated cakes – sharp lemon drizzles and devilishly rich chocolate cakes – but alas only a couple of us mastered the challenge but had to be wheeled out with a wheelbarrow by the end of it. Seriously though, the cake selection was both divine and ample. Lush darling! Simply lush!

img_8353Needless to say, we all ran out of room for the scones and took them home with us for next day treats. Quite a bargain for the price. A fulfilling experience in all but the service was incredibly poor. We had reserved a table for afternoon tea and were unsure about whether to wait for service at the table or go to the front, whether the afternoon tea was on its way or we were waiting to order. Some of us wanted soup before hand but didn’t have an option to get this beforehand which was perhaps a good thing considering the size of the feast that awaited us. It was a delightful afternoon tea but felt they fell down somewhat on service. That aside, I would definitely go again as the afternoon tea was a shining-star of a feast for ladies.

  • Lady Wordsmith


Now we have an extremely pressing question readers! The ladies broke out in a debate about this one….jam then cream or cream then jam?! We want your answers! What do you do?img_8351


Chatsworth Farm Shop Food Fair 2016


The ladies were very keen to visit the lovely Chatsworth farm shop recently and enjoy sampling some of the local artisan companies that partner with the farm shop. As a special treat Lady Sky and Lady Wordsmith took both camera and video camera (our very first video for LTO!) to the show and sampled more than enough confections and delicacies. Be sure to let Lady Sky know if you enjoyed her ‘on camera presence’, it was her first attempt at interviewing! The rest of the ladies think she did a spectacular job of it!

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An August Autumn..

Walking through Chatsworth’s 1000 acre parkland in the autumnal sunshine, The Shire gains a new golden lustre. The ochre and burnt umber palate of leaves, adding another facet of beauty to this jewel of a place. Continue reading “An August Autumn..”

Making Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth House

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…. I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic job, I’m a Tour Guide and have the privilege of spending my days in one of Britain’s most beautiful historic houses; Chatsworth House is set in the heart of the Peak District and is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.  This season is especially exciting in my opinion; the Duke and Duchess have an exhibition named ‘Make Yourself Comfortable’ if you hadn’t already guessed by the title, it’s a display of seating. But not just any seating, it’s an unique installation of contemporary seating in a historic setting.

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