Buxton Wells Dressing, July 2016

The ancient art of Wells dressing is still carried out here in the Shire, towns and villages all over the region dress and bless water sources. The practice is reputed to have originated in the time of the Black Death, when a clean water source was vital. Continue reading “Buxton Wells Dressing, July 2016”

Artisan Markets and Saturdays

Life can be a treasure trove of delights and such are those when you meet up with friends of yesteryear and stumble upon an Artisan Market in the shire. Buxton hosts an Artisan Market on the first saturday of every month and on this typically overcast British day the weather was mild and the market was a beehive of skilled tradespeople peddling their delightful confections. Put on by the Market Co (www.TheMarketCo.co.uk) this event was flourishing with local producers, award winning goods, authentic street food, entertainment, arts and crafts , fresh produce and lots and lots of homemade food to purchase.

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