Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.

miss NG

Miss Nightingale, sex, scandal & showbiz 1940s style.

Northern songbird Maggie and her refugee song writing friend George, wow war torn London with their bawdy, brash, loud and lewd compositions. Throw into the mix a repressed wealthy war hero, a married Lothario bribery, corruption, secret homosexual encounters, the scandal of a pregnancy out of wedlock and the stage is set for Miss Nightingale. Continue reading “Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.”

Review: Casting the Runes.


Casting the Runes, with The Residence at Whitminster, Nunkie Productions, staring Robert Lloyd Parry, at The Pavilion Arts CentreContinue reading “Review: Casting the Runes.”

Seven Deadly Sins, tickets give away.

The ladies have their first give away for you. Continue reading “Seven Deadly Sins, tickets give away.”

A walk in the woods……

We’re so lucky living in the shire to be surrounded by such natural beauty and historic grace, it’s no wonder so many film and television productions choose the area for their perfect set location. One fine September day we set off to find ‘Crickley Hall’ the terrifying and oppressing property, that was the lynch pin setting, in a recent BBC adaptation of James Herbert’s ghostly novel, The secret of Crickley Hall. Continue reading “A walk in the woods……”

Get To Know The Ladies

All you need to know about the Ladies…


Lady WordsmithDSC01734

Hello my lovelies! I am a transatlantic entertainment industry veteran who’s met the great and good of stage and screen (no I won’t spill any secrets…….. well maybe the odd one now and again). I adore being in a theatre, particularly the moment the house lights dim, anticipating the start of whatever performance is about to commence.

Know your Ladies, 5 fun facts

  1. I have a list of favourite Australians (honestly, who doesn’t!)
  2. I’m a feminine feminist, we can all be strong, smart and look good doing it!
  3. My current project in life is minimalism and I like the calm that comes with it.
  4. I love the groundbreaking cinema of the 1930’s & 1940’s; the men are dreamy and the women are sassy.
  5. I believe that opera, poetry, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland and lipstick can solve most of life’s problems.


Lady Sky

DSC01713 copy

Good Day, my name is Lady Sky, you can often find me six miles high and smiling. I love to travel and explore new places. Some call it curiosity, others nosiness. Either way I want to know what’s around the next corner, over the wall or behind the door marked private. I love all things luxurious (hence my passion for Art Deco design) but I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty either.

Know your Ladies, 5 fun facts

  1. I intend on visiting every continent (5 down, 2 to go)
  2. Racing anything with 4 wheels at Bonneville is a dream I hope to make a reality. (I’m a petrol head, I admit it)
  3. I believe that the film Clueless is a classic; well it is based on Austen.
  4. Tea is my beverage of choice, Assam being a favourite, if it comes with scones, so much the better.
  5. My musical tastes are eclectic, from habanera to house, zef rap to rock and everything in between.


Lovely Lady Contributors


Lady Metal

I’m known as Lady Metal, not because of my hard, steely, malleable exterior but thanks to my love of screamo, hardcore and heavy metal music. When I’m not deep in the pit at a gig you can often find me sat happily crafting, usually cross stitching something spectacular.

Know your Ladies, 5 fun facts

  1. I have 5 tattoos adorning my body. Most you’ll never get to see.
  2. I’m a lefty.
  3. To kill a mockingbird is my favourite book, I read it every year.
  4. I love attending comic con. This year I went as Alice in Wonderland, Lady Sky was my Mad Hatter.
  5. I’m hooked on wrestling and afternoon tea, but not necessarily at the same time.


Lady Tiger Lilly


Greetings! I am Lady Tiger Lilly, despite my name I’m actually a huge fan of all things leopard print and polka dots. I love to travel and consider myself a connoisseur of Gin. I have married the same man twice now, it was intentional, we had a renewal, and it wasn’t Gin related.

Know your Ladies, 5 fun facts

  1. I love taking photographs.
  2. I kept the same old car for over 10 years thanks to a deep sentimentality and sheer determination.
  3. I’m rather green fingered and love to tend my garden, growing some fine flowers and supporting natural habitats.
  4. I’m a visual kinaesthetic.
  5. I make order from chaos daily, mostly with the application of symmetry.

Lady Convivial (aka – Lady Viv)

I’m Lady Convivial, as the name suggests, I’m fond of feasting and the pleasures of jovial company. I love adventures and exploring off the beaten track, but I also like a little luxury so the untrodden path should have a nice hotel nearby!

Hello, I’m Lady Convivial, as the name suggests, I’m fond of feasting and the pleasures of jovial company. I love adventures and exploring off the beaten track, but I also like a little luxury so the untrodden path should have a nice hotel nearby!

Know your Ladies, 5 fun facts
1. My favourite author is Ken Follett, I share his passion for historical buildings which feature heavily in his novels.
2. I can’t cook, I’m truly terrible, except roast dinners which are usually edible.
3. I love banoffie pie, and my Mother’s banoffie pie is the best of the best.
4. One of my favourite places in the world is the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.
5. I beat Top Gears the Stig in a stunt car race (well to be completely honest he was in a car with my friend who was driving, I was driving with the help of the Stig’s pal, but officially I still beat the Stig!)