Review: Casting the Runes.


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HARRY POTTER TOUR Pt. 8 – Newly installed Platform 9 3/4!

The newly installed Platform 9 3/4 was a real treat of the tour because of the magnitude of the space and the train. Full size and puthering smoke for added effect. The ladies were all giggles when it came to pushing their trollies through the brick wall, taking a walk on the Hogwarts Express and getting a picture underneath the famously and strangely numbered platform. School starts soon so all aboard!

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HARRY POTTER TOUR Pt. 7 – The Dark Arts

IMG_4845For one of the ladies at least, it was a walk on the dark side she was looking forward to on the Warner Studios Harry Potter Tour we recently went on. Lady TigerLilly is a proud Slytherin and delighted in the dark arts as she met with Death Eaters and declared “i’m a big fan!”.

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Dial M for Murder!


Talking Scarlet present Dial M for Murder, based on the classic stage play by Frederick Knott

Starring Oliver Mellor (Coronation Street), Marcus Hutton (Brookside) and Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks)

Ex-professional tennis player Tony Wendice plans to murder his socialite wife, Margot, who he suspects of having an affair. He thinks he’s arranged the perfect murder when he blackmails a former college acquaintance to do his dirty work for him – but the carefully orchestrated scheme goes awry and he must use all his cunning to cover up his deceit in one of theatre’s most scintillating battle of wits. Continue reading “Dial M for Murder!”

HARRY POTTER TOUR Pt. 6 – Dumbledore’s Office & Diagon Alley

45be852248ec5616bc2b6e6648ee5d2ePerhaps one of the most famous roads in London comes from the imagination of J.K. Rowling. Diagon Alley is where all the students of Hogwarts get there robes, wands, pet owls, and start much of their adventuring into a magical school year ahead. The ladies were fortunate enough to take a stroll down Diagon Alley as their Warner Studios Harry Potter Tour continues. Speaking of a magical school year, we also visited Headmaster extraordinaire, Dumbledore’s office. Spotted the Sorting Hat, pensieve and so much more! Dumbledore’s Office was a virtual treasure trove of moments from the seven novels brought to life by J.K.Rowling!

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