HARRY POTTER TOUR Pt. 8 – Newly installed Platform 9 3/4!

The newly installed Platform 9 3/4 was a real treat of the tour because of the magnitude of the space and the train. Full size and puthering smoke for added effect. The ladies were all giggles when it came to pushing their trollies through the brick wall, taking a walk on the Hogwarts Express and getting a picture underneath the famously and strangely numbered platform. School starts soon so all aboard!

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Having a magical time……..

On a recent flying visit to Orlando, Florida I couldn’t resist visiting Universal studios. As a huge Harry Potter fan I was immediately enchanted (probably some half cast confundus charm, from a mishandled wand in Ollivanders) I feasted on chocolate frogs, every flavour beans and finished off with a butter beer. However take my advice, don’t indulge in all that before you alight the rides! Continue reading “Having a magical time……..”