Gilbert & Sullivan Festival – Pirates of Penzance

“The Director, John Savournin deserves a festoon of praise for his understanding of The Pirates of Penzance and his ability not to deviate from the well-trod path but to make it so good, the audience is watching it afresh for the first time.”

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Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.

miss NG

Miss Nightingale, sex, scandal & showbiz 1940s style.

Northern songbird Maggie and her refugee song writing friend George, wow war torn London with their bawdy, brash, loud and lewd compositions. Throw into the mix a repressed wealthy war hero, a married Lothario bribery, corruption, secret homosexual encounters, the scandal of a pregnancy out of wedlock and the stage is set for Miss Nightingale. Continue reading “Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.”

My Little Road Trip

As the name Lady Sky suggests, I love to travel and explore, discovering delights both here in the Shire and far beyond. Stepping aboard a plane, train or ship with the prospect of adventure is one of my true pleasures. Continue reading “My Little Road Trip”

Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder

STONE COLD MURDER By James Cawood, Starring Nick Barclay and Freya Copeland.

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