Review: A Judgement in Stone.

Awkward, apparently unassuming and seemingly timid, Eunice Parchman enters the home of the Coverdale family in the role as their housekeeper. However Eunice has a secret, a secret she’s managed to keep for years, a secret that when discovered, sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to a Valentine’s Day bloodbath. Continue reading “Review: A Judgement in Stone.”

Review: HMS Pinafore, a Concert Performance by Tarantara Productions.


I must confess to only a passing acquaintance with the works of Gilbert & Sullivan. However after last night’s performance that is going to change.

HMS Pinafore (or the Lass that Loved a Sailor) is an international success, first performed on May 25th 1878; its satirical mocking of unqualified persons in positions of authority and the British class system still relevant and fresh today. Continue reading “Review: HMS Pinafore, a Concert Performance by Tarantara Productions.”

Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder

STONE COLD MURDER By James Cawood, Starring Nick Barclay and Freya Copeland.

A Talking Scarlet Production. Continue reading “Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder”

Copacabana, show time…….

  The Concept:  A reimagining of the original stage version of Copacabana, this production is on its first run in the UK.

Continue reading “Copacabana, show time…….”