Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.

Murder is easy….. Getting away with it is the hard part!!

Set in the Scottish Highlands, the latest thriller by James Cawood comes to life. Continue reading “Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.”

Dial M for Murder!


Talking Scarlet present Dial M for Murder, based on the classic stage play by Frederick Knott

Starring Oliver Mellor (Coronation Street), Marcus Hutton (Brookside) and Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks)

Ex-professional tennis player Tony Wendice plans to murder his socialite wife, Margot, who he suspects of having an affair. He thinks he’s arranged the perfect murder when he blackmails a former college acquaintance to do his dirty work for him – but the carefully orchestrated scheme goes awry and he must use all his cunning to cover up his deceit in one of theatre’s most scintillating battle of wits. Continue reading “Dial M for Murder!”

Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder

STONE COLD MURDER By James Cawood, Starring Nick Barclay and Freya Copeland.

A Talking Scarlet Production. Continue reading “Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder”

Review, The Ghost Train, a Comedy thriller by Arnold Ridley

The Ghost Train, by Arnold Ridley Directed by Patric Kearns and designed by Geoff Gilder, a Talking Scarlet production.

THE CONCEPT: Two newlyweds, an estranged couple, a self-indulgent young dandy and an elderly spinster with a parrot are stranded in the waiting room of an isolated railway station on a dark and stormy night. The group of travellers react with varying degrees of credulity to the station master’s warning of death to anyone who sets eyes on the ghostly train that haunts the line.

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