REVIEW: West Side Story

Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story sees the street gangs of New York clash in this breathtaking musical. The classic music by Leonard Bernstein and wonderful lyrics by Stephen Sondheim have stood the test of time over the last 60 yrs.

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Royal Shrovetide

What do you do on Shrove Tuesday? Eat pancakes is probably the answer…. But not if you’re from Ashbourne, a small market town in the shire, where Shrove Tuesday marks the start of the two day Royal Shrovetide Football.  It’s not a football game like you might imagine, firstly the goals are three miles part, rather than 11 players per team, it’s more like 500 and the match doesn’t last a mere 90 minutes, no, this game starts at 2pm each day and finishes when a goal is scored or at 10pm.

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LTO Photo Shoot – Throwley Hall

The ladies had a photo shoot at the stunning ruins of Throwley Hall last autumn. Nothing quite like enjoying an autumnal day in the shire amidst the ruins…

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REVIEW: Buxton Buzz Comedy Night (February)

This is a great way to discover up and coming comedic talent in a casual environment that makes the night truly enjoyable and social.

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The Circus of Horrors; The Never Ending Nightmare, at Buxton Opera House

The Circus of Horrors celebrates its 21st Anniversary as it takes to the road with its latest incarnation ‘ The Neverending Nightmare’

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The Sound of Murder at Buxton Opera House

The Sound of Murder….. By William Fairchild
 Another brilliant  drama from Talking Scarlett that keeps you guessing right until the end.
The story revolves around Charles and Anne Norbury( Marcus Hutton & Corrinne Wicks). Anne is desperate to divorce Charles to marry her lover Peter( Ben Roddy) but Charles refuses as it would damage his reputation as a childrens author.

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