REVIEW: Everybody Cut Loose at the Footloose Musical

Popular 1980s film starring Kevin Bacon and John Lithgow turned into a musical for theatre audiences to revel in the classic songs, dance routines and fun-loving nostalgia. Footloose may have been made for the big screen in the 80s but it is perfect for the theatre in 2017.

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Review: A Judgement in Stone.

Awkward, apparently unassuming and seemingly timid, Eunice Parchman enters the home of the Coverdale family in the role as their housekeeper. However Eunice has a secret, a secret she’s managed to keep for years, a secret that when discovered, sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to a Valentine’s Day bloodbath. Continue reading “Review: A Judgement in Stone.”

The Sound of Murder at Buxton Opera House

The Sound of Murder….. By William Fairchild
 Another brilliant  drama from Talking Scarlett that keeps you guessing right until the end.
The story revolves around Charles and Anne Norbury( Marcus Hutton & Corrinne Wicks). Anne is desperate to divorce Charles to marry her lover Peter( Ben Roddy) but Charles refuses as it would damage his reputation as a childrens author.

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Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.

Murder is easy….. Getting away with it is the hard part!!

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Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.

miss NG

Miss Nightingale, sex, scandal & showbiz 1940s style.

Northern songbird Maggie and her refugee song writing friend George, wow war torn London with their bawdy, brash, loud and lewd compositions. Throw into the mix a repressed wealthy war hero, a married Lothario bribery, corruption, secret homosexual encounters, the scandal of a pregnancy out of wedlock and the stage is set for Miss Nightingale. Continue reading “Review: Miss Nightingale at the Buxton Opera House.”

Review: Casting the Runes.


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