The Woman in Black – PW Productions Ltd

The Woman in Black is now showing at the beautiful Buxton Opera House. Get ready to be thrilled, scared and wowed, by performance, storytelling and surroundings.  Continue reading “The Woman in Black – PW Productions Ltd”

Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder

STONE COLD MURDER By James Cawood, Starring Nick Barclay and Freya Copeland.

A Talking Scarlet Production. Continue reading “Review, Talking Scarlet – Stone Cold Murder”

Ten Must-See Shows Coming to the Buxton Opera House

The Ladies are Taking On the infinite variety that the Buxton Opera House has to offer for shows/events. Between Lady Sky, Lady Wordsmith, Lady Metal and Lady Tiger Lilly we will be looking forward to and reviewing the following shows at the Buxton Opera House between now and June. These gems struck our fancy, and frankly, we think our fellow ladies might enjoy indulging in a night out or two at these shows. After all, we’ll be there! Come along and say “hello”!

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Copacabana, show time…….

  The Concept:  A reimagining of the original stage version of Copacabana, this production is on its first run in the UK.

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A cruise to Bruges….

A cruise to Bruges, read the invitation, well who could refuse that? Continue reading “A cruise to Bruges….”