Review, The Ghost Train, a Comedy thriller by Arnold Ridley

The Ghost Train, by Arnold Ridley Directed by Patric Kearns and designed by Geoff Gilder, a Talking Scarlet production.

THE CONCEPT: Two newlyweds, an estranged couple, a self-indulgent young dandy and an elderly spinster with a parrot are stranded in the waiting room of an isolated railway station on a dark and stormy night. The group of travellers react with varying degrees of credulity to the station master’s warning of death to anyone who sets eyes on the ghostly train that haunts the line.

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In Bruges….

After a night at sea being gently rocked to sleep by the waves, we awoke in the Port of Zeebrugge. Continue reading “In Bruges….”

Having a magical time……..

On a recent flying visit to Orlando, Florida I couldn’t resist visiting Universal studios. As a huge Harry Potter fan I was immediately enchanted (probably some half cast confundus charm, from a mishandled wand in Ollivanders) I feasted on chocolate frogs, every flavour beans and finished off with a butter beer. However take my advice, don’t indulge in all that before you alight the rides! Continue reading “Having a magical time……..”