Talking Scarlet presents Death Toll at Buxton Opera House.

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Murder is easy….. Getting away with it is the hard part!!

Set in the Scottish Highlands, the latest thriller by James Cawood comes to life.A famous playright  and his wife await the arrival of his new “muse”- a charming young actor determined to secure a role in the playwrights new production. What starts out as a seemingly innocent, through macabre audition soon leads to an evening of twists, turns and eventually…. Murder.


Tom Butcher and Corrinne Wicks  do an excellent job of portraying  the highly strung and dominating playwright Henry who is desperate to have another successful thriller,  and the feeble downtrodden alcoholic wife Evelyn who seeks comfort from her lover. Add into the mix the charismatic young actor Jack desperate for apart in Henrys Play and Detective Lazam who is investigating a serial killer the scene is set for a very clever thriller with so many twists and turns even the best sleuths will be scratching their heads.

There is only one stage set for the whole production, but a very clever use of lights music and figures sweeping past the windows  adds intensity and atmosphere.

Exciting from start to finish with shocks all the way through, Death Toll was very enjoyable and kept the audience guessing right to the bitter end.

Talking Scarlett will be staying at Buxton Opera House from the 15-19 August with the Gothic tale Jekyll and Hyde, if you would like tickets go to Buxton Opera House.

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