Talking Scarlett presents…..Ding Dong Murder Me On High

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Talking Scarlett are proud to present the world premiere of the fourth installment of the ‘Pratt Trilogy’ by Peter Gordon and this time its seasonal!

Event: Talking Scarlett presents…..Ding Dong Murder Me On High
Location: Buxton Opera House
Date: 03.02.17

Pratts back and once again he is in the presence of Murder!

Going back to a ‘Silent Fright’ when Inspector Pratt was just a Sergeant, trying to discover why the daughter of Sir Walton Gates has nearly been sleighed to death!!

The first half set the scene perfectly letting us know that Sir Waltons (Jeffrey Holland) family was wonderfully dysfunctional with his uptight wife (Anna Breacon), bohemian daughter (Carly Day) and his outcast Australian brother (Mark Little). Add to that Mrs McCay (Natasha Gray) the put-upon housekeeper with her were witty and sarcastic quips coming from all sides of the stage! It soon becomes clear that Sir Walton’s wife and his daughter’s love interest (Oliver Mellor) were former lovers and they were very quick to rekindle it.

Then comes Sergeant Pratt (David Callister), doing his bit for the Christmas benevolent fund for the police station. With his own unique verbal discourse and constant mispronunciation of words had the audience laughing from the moment he came on stage. The first half ends with Sergeant Pratt’s magic trick going horribly wrong leaving the audience filled with anticipation as to whether someone has died.

The second half was even better than the first, with a near miss when the family are left wondering if it was merely an accident or something much more sinister. Sergeant Pratt and his assistant try to unravel clues to find out the truth. As always there was a fabulous twist at the end, but what really shone for me was the brilliant comedic timing that went along with the murder mystery theme perfectly. A real laugh out loud performance with mystery and anticipation!

I was really excited to see another Talking Scarlett production, and yet again, they didn’t disappoint. I would highly recommended getting a ticket for this fabulous play.

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