The Circus of Horrors; The Never Ending Nightmare, at Buxton Opera House

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The Circus of Horrors celebrates its 21st Anniversary as it takes to the road with its latest incarnation ‘ The Neverending Nightmare’

You could feel the vibe as soon as you walked into Buxton Opera House with lighting effects and banging music.
The show starts with the Ring Master and his assistant singing whilst a beautiful girl contorts herslef into a variety of positions.
Following on from that, the sword swallower came out leaving the audience in awe by swallowing swords of many varied shaped and sizes including a curved one for which he has had to have his top rib permanently broken!!
Then audience member Tom was brought up in stage for one of his many appearances which resulted in him being classed as ‘The star of the show’
In the second half we were treated to acrobatics, fire breathing and an aerial display as well as lots of songs and dancing. The finale consisted of a Lady spinning round by her hair and it ended with ‘Star of the show’ Tom getting dragged through a bed straight to hell!
As always The Circus of Horrors was throughly enjoyable from start to finish
The Ladies would defiently recommend buying a ticket for this ‘CarnEvil’ at the Circus of Horrors.
(Although viewer discretion is advised, this energetic entertainment fest might not be for everyone. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.)
– Lady Metal
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