The Ladies Take on Peaky Blinders

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The ladies had a stylish night out all in the name of charity. The Peaky Blinders themed Garrison Ball was a roaring success.

Everyone dressed up in the height of 1920s fashion and the Miscarriage Association acquired over 1500 pounds in charitable donations. The evening had live music, a smashing photo booth, circus acts and kiddies dancing to post-WWI music classics. The fabulous Jenna Pearson organized the evening, straight from her heart, and made the evening an outstanding success.

Jenna Pearson in the middle and flanked by Lady Tiger Lilly on the left and Lady Metal on the right

Tickets included bottles of vino and fizz (with the premium package) and we were seated at the ‘May Carleton’ table, which seemed exceedingly appropriate.

We popped the corks as soon as we were seated and let the bubbles roll all night.

The meal was absolutely lush. Looked to perfection – I mean it – chicken was supple, potatoes were cripy on the outside and soft on the inside – even the veg was cooked to crunchy loveliness.

Lady Convivial looks just delightful and the full height of 1920s fashion!

Lady Sky bumped into some friends….

The entertainment was outstanding.

Lady Wordsmith night was made when she bumped into her Peaky Blinders true love, her one and only Arthur. This guy was just dressed up like Arthur, but he really did it so well. Lady Wordsmith was only saddened to see he managed to get through the night without losing his cool on anyone.

Overall, the evening was a complete success for the Miscarriage Association, all thanks to the amazing vision by Jenna Pearson and a community of Gatsby-esque attendees who loved dancing to a little rock and roll while wearing pearls and silk gloves.

If you feel inspired to help out a charity you love, perhaps this is a fabulous, lady-approved way of raising money and creating a fabulous night out!

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