The Shivering Mountain.

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Mam Tor, locally known as the Shivering Mountain, is a 517 m (1,696 ft.) hill near Castleton in Derbyshire. Its name means Mother Hill, so called, as frequent landslips throughout the ages, created a number of mini hills at its base.

Looking up to Mam Tor, near Treak Cliff Cavern.

In 1819 by the Sheffield Turnpike Company decided that the old packhorse trail through Winnats Pass could be vastly improved upon and created a road, using spoil from the nearby Odin Mine. However, the new roads easier gradient crossed the landslip that had begun some 4000 years earlier.

Old abandoned mile marker, there’s no traffic left to direct.

For a time travel between Sheffield and Chapel en le frith went on unhindered but Mam Tor wasn’t finished with her shivering.  Major road works were required in 1912, 1933, 1946, 1952 and 1966. In 1974 large parts of the Mam Tor section collapsed during a massive landslip. Additional road works were carried out regularly and today you can clearly see the years of attempted salvage, in the layers of tarmac and gravel, some of which are up to 2 metres (6 ft. 7 in) thick in places. 1n 1979 the authorities realised they were fighting against the tide and finally closed the road.

At first the roadway doesn’t seem too bad.
Then huge cracks begin to appear.
Then some noticable slips.
Nature is reclaiming the cracks and assisting in the roads destruction.
Huge chunks of the road lie broken on the hillside, slowly moving ever closer to valley bottom.
Over half of the carriageway has been lost. The many layers of tarmac clearly visable.
The road material striations, a paradoxical parallel to the geograpgy benath the surface.

It’s now a fascinating tribute to the power of nature, walkers and mountain bikers take advantage of the undulating surface, exploring its post-apocalyptic appearance and the Sheffield Turnpike Company were right, it is easier to walk up than Winnats Pass.

The view from the top of the closed road.

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