Three Shires, Four Ladies and a Picnic Basket

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Friday, September 5th would have been the day I commenced the hustle and bustle known as the Toronto International Film Festival in my old life with the entertainment industry in North America. For the first time since I started my adventure in Derbyshire I have had pangs of missing those red carpet premieres, movie-binging and starstruck moments, that was until the Ladies Take On three shires, four cheeses from said shires, a picnic basket and Boots the dog on that very same day.

I may have stepped out of the spotlight in North America but have stepped into a more natural and flattering light in the great landscape of Northern England and of course, nothing shines as brightly as friendship…

Lady Tiger Lilly had the fabulous idea to celebrate the cheeses of the three shires – Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire – by visiting the Three Shires Bridge with cheeses from each of the shires. Lady Sky provided some thirst quenching Rose Lemonade from Fentimans, Lady Metal and Lady Wordsmith took pictures of what can be easily described as a grand day out.

  • Lady Wordsmith

The fabulous Lady Tiger Lilly, Lady Sky, Lady Metal and Boots
White Boots and Black Boots. Both with animal print.
The Ladies Selfie. Friendship = Smiles

Where are we adventuring today?
Lady Tiger Lilly looks stylish in her matching outfit of black, hunter green and leopard print trim.
The two Alices – Lady Metal and Lady Wordsmith both decked out in white tops for this adventure.

Photobombing at its best. Thank you Lady Metal.

The oasis of the three shires bridge where Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire intersect.

I can only suspect Lady Sky is providing some health and safety measures so Lady Tiger Lilly doesn’t follow Boots into the river.


Lady Sky at one with nature.
Lady Tiger Lilly opens up the picnic basket!

Fentimans Rose Lemonade is refreshing, pink and beautifully displayed here by Lady Sky.
Fentimans Rose Lemonade is refreshing, pink and beautifully displayed here by Lady Sky.

Pink Hunters are a perfect addition to any trek.

Boots protecting the cheeses.
Cheers Ladies!!!
– Staffordshire Cheese Company – Cheddleton with Chives – Hartington Creamery – Peakland White with smoked Tomato and Garlic – Sage Derby – Belton’s Traditional Handmade White Cheshire – Cottage Delight Carmalized Onion Chutney

Boots still protecting the cheese. Good Boots. Good Boots.

We all had our favourite cheeses from the sampling. Lady Sky loved the Cheshire, Lady Tiger Lilly still and always will love the Sage Derby, Lady Metal leaned towards the Staffordshire Cheddleton with chives and Lady Wordsmith couldn’t get enough of the Peakland white with smoked tomato and garlic.

Lady Sky making an educated decision about which was her favourite cheese
Lady Metal telling a story.
Lady Tiger Lilly looking very serious about deciding which was her favourite cheese.

See if you can spot Lady Sky and her pink Hunters?

A fabulous end to a fabulous day.

Another successful adventure deep in the heart of the North of England. Yes indeed, we are Ladies, we are friends and we love picnicking in those picturesque Northern landscapes.

Do you want to see the ladies go on an adventure of your choosing? Leave us your suggestions in the comments. Who knows, one day we may very well take on your adventure.


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